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WiiWare gets Pearl Harbor Trilogy

by: Sean Colleli -
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Swedish publisher Legendo is currently working on an episodic air combat sim for WiiWare called Pearl Harbor Trilogy. A re-working of Legendo's Attack on Pearl Harbor PC game, split into three episodes for WiiWare with the first, Red Sun Rising, coming this winter. We don't see many episodic releases on WiiWare, particularly flight combat sims, but considering the realistic-for-their-day WW2 fighter sims my dad and uncle used to play on old 486 machines, I'm sure Legendo can figure something out for the Wii.

Buckle up and prepare to pilot some of the deadliest aircraft of WWII’s Pacific Theater!

Gothenburg, Sweden (September 17th, 2009) – Legendo Entertainment, an independent publisher of computer and video games head-quartered in Sweden, today announced that Pearl Harbor Trilogy, an episodic air combat action game series, is in development for Wii™. Pearl Harbor Trilogy is a re-interpretation of Legendo’s popular PC title “Attack on Pearl Harbor” – with the first episode, “Red Sun Rising,” planned for a winter 2009 release on WiiWare™. The game is being developed by Legendo in cooperation with Arcade Moon, the Wii specialist label of 3D People, an independent game developer located in Slovakia.

A website for the game has been launched at http://pearlharbor-game.com where news and other information will be posted continuously throughout the development phase.

Stanislav Petri, Aerial Star Programmer at Arcade Moon had this to offer, “We have tamed the innards of the Wii to make its GPU glow red-hot as we’re shooting for 60 FPS aerial dogfight action using all the tricks in the book.”

Bjorn Larsson, Executive Producer and head of lots of other things at Legendo Entertainment said, “The Wii Remote™ controller is a perfect match for aerial combat – we are currently trying a variety of control-schemes to see what works best, we want to bring players as close as possible to flying in their living rooms.”

In the premiere episode, “Red Sun Rising,” players will be dropped into the cockpit of famous USAAF World War II fighter aircraft — including the legendary P-40 Warhawk and the carrier-capable F4U Corsair as they battle with Japanese A6M2 Zero fighters and Aichi D3A Val dive-bombers in daring dogfights during bitterly contested air battles of the Pacific Theater, including Pearl Harbor, Wake Island and the Battle of Midway.

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About Legendo Entertainment
Legendo Entertainment is an independent publisher and developer of computer and video games based on myths, legends, classic novels and historical events. Though its headquarters are located in Sweden, Legendo uses a distributed development model employing top talent from across the world. Legendo currently publishes and develops for the PC and Nintendo’s Wii system.

About Arcade Moon
Arcade Moon is the downloadable games label of 3D People, an independent game development company headquartered in Košice, Slovak Republic. 3D People is a licensed developer for Nintendo’s Wii system and Xbox 360 with multiple titles currently under development by 3D People’s internal and external development teams in the region.