Wii price cut all but official

by: Sean Colleli -
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My Wii Sports-challenging friend Mickey DeLorenzo over at WiiNintendo.net is reporting that the Wii will be dropping to $199 come September 27th. The tip comes from a leaked Toys R Us ad, which also purports that the console is still bundled with Wii Sports, so anyone who still doesn't own a Wii can try to lose some weight playing it the way Mickey did.

In my opinion 200 bucks is still way too damn much. Let's be honest, for all the good (and incredibly horrible) games on the Wii, it's still essentially an overclocked Gamecube with a weird controller. The Wii remote was a gimmick that didn't so what it was promised to and, indeed, needs an extra attachment to fulfill that promise. The tech in both the Wii and its controller is sorely outdated, and the only reason the console has seen so much success is because of the gimmick-fad phenomenon that duped so many people who hadn't played video games in decades. And, of course, the loyalty of Nintendo diehards that Nintendo itself continues to abuse with a sporadic release schedule and games of intermittent quality.

Compared to the tech and value of the now competitively priced $250 Xbox 360 and $300 PS3, the Wii, pack-in game or no, is worth $150 tops. Drop it to $130 and we'll talk.
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