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DC Universe is a MMO without a subscription fee

by: John -
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What? That's just crazy talk! I know there are MMOs out there that work on micro transactions but not stuff like DC Universe Online. I've seen DC Universe Online many times in the past few years and judging by how it looked I think Sony Entertainment Online's effort had very good potential. I don't know how Champions Online is doing right now, but here's Sony with an MMO with recognizable characters and locations.

I've talked with Wes who's quoted in this article from Sony Insider a few times and he's always been very cool about talking up the various aspects of the game. At CES they had the game running while PS3 and PC folks played together but they didn't say if they were going to have that on the game's release. The article hints that that might be the case though once the game's in consumers' hands.

But the really interesting part is that there won't be a subscription fee attached to the game. Now, Wes didn't go on to say what if any micro transactions will be there as I would think there needs to be something for SOE to make money since they are running these servers and need people to help man them. Still, the news of no subscription fee has my interest in the game up a few notches.
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