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PAX 2009 - Dead Space Extraction Hands On

by: Chuck -
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Dear Dead Space Extraction,
It's not you, it's me.  I really thought you might be the Wii game that made me call my parents and ask to get my Wii back but you're not.  Sure you look good (for a Wii game) and you've got some great audio and sound effects but you're still a rail shooter at heart and that's too limiting for me

I wanted to like you and I thought there might be some chemistry.  I liked you're older sister (even though I gave it to Cyril to review) and I thought you would be the one who got me interested in the Wii as a platform again but after playing through the demo level at PAX I'm afraid it's not going to work out

I did appreciate the effort that went into bringing the slicing mechanism of the plasma cutter to the Wii and how cool it was to twist the Wii re-mote to change the angle of the cut.  I appreciated the cool competitive co-op challenge mode that allows people to take down necromorphs together but you're still moving on a pre-defined path and if I want that experience I can go to Cedar Point.

It's a shame really because I'm sure you've got a great story and some great creature design and I know that the Wii hardcore will turn out in droves to play you.  I hope that mainstream consumers can figure out that the Wii has more games than Wii Sports and gives you a chance (well at least the few that aren't kids and grandparents) as you deserve some consumer acceptance.  Best of luck and please stop following me on twitter.