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Sony pushing 3D in the PlayStation 3 in 2010

by: John -
When I was at CES, a lot of companies were touting 3D as the next big thing. Yes, you have to wear glasses but in some instances they really added to the experience. Well, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to play a lot of their games in 3D come next year. Well, I take that back. Those with the money to buy a new TV to take advantage of the update will be able to play in 3D next year.

Yes, you'll most likely need a new TV but it doesn't have to be a Sony brand to utilize it. As Engadget shows, the PS3 is running Wipeout HD in 3D. The PC has something like this now if you want to use NVIDIA's GeForce 3D Vision with a 120Hz monitor from either Samsung or Viewsonic. I wonder if it will become really big once it hits consoles and with the PS3 getting this, does Microsoft have something in the works for the Xbox 360?