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You must be this tall...to DIE!

by: John -
More On: Left 4 Dead 2
Eurogamer has the details on the next Left 4 Dead 2 campaign that was recently revealed. The Dark Carnival level lets you run ragged in a carnival of the undead with a new zombie being a clown that reminds me Tim Curry from Stephen King's It. The two level demo that they played allowed them to use an electric guitar as one of their melee weapons.

One cool little nugget is that some of the carnival games will work. I don't imagine having too much time though to spend trying to lob a ball into a basket or tossing a ring on a bottle. Although I bet shooting that red star from the white paper would be damn easy with the auto-shotty or machine gun. (I don't know if these are in the game, just throwing out examples.)

A new special infected is also talked about in the Jockey. Just like the name sounds, the thing hops on you and rides you into danger making you lose control of your character until someone kills it off your back. Yeah, that sounds like one fun one to run into. Nothing like an undead little rider steering you into a horde of zombies to make you panic and make your team lose more health and ammo in trying to save you.

While the first level revealed way back in E3 was set in the daytime, it seems the past few campaign reveals have gone back in the dark. Oh, a zombie clown running at you in the dark's going to be pretty scary for a lot of folks. I have a friend or two who's deathly afraid of clowns so I want to try them out when the game comes out in 3D using NVIDIA"s GeForce 3D Vision.