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Gamestop lists PlayStation 3 games for pre-order

by: John -
The folks over at Gamestop already have a list of games that you can pre-order for the PlayStation 3. A total of 32 games are there all with a date of 10-1-06 as the release date. Now all companies do list software way before they are release and guess on a release date so this isn't new. But it's hard for me to see Gamestop having a list of games available for the PS3 before an official announcement is made. If the pre-order fiasco that Gamestop went through is anything like the Xbox 360 pre-ordering experience, I'll do what I did with the 360 and wait til a store like Target has them on the shelf. It's sad that I was able to pickup a console before those that pre-ordered through Gamestop. Boy, I went on a tangent there didn't I?