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Elite's losing HDMI cable to give consumers "flexibility"

by: Chuck -
More On: Xbox 360
I know we've covered the Xbox 360 price cut to death but it's worth noting that the price cut on the Xbox 360 comes with a cost, the loss of the included HDMI cable.  Here's the main  statement to VG247 on ditching the cable:

“In order to offer the Xbox Elite to consumers at a reduced price, now €50/£30 less at $249.99/£199.99, we eliminated the inclusion of an HDMI cable,”"

Of course this now means that consumers aren't getting an HD experience out of the box which kind of defeats the point of having a HD device right?  This also sucks because not a lot of general consumers know to go online to get an HDMI cable (say from the fine folks at Monoprice) and instead are stuck buying way over priced cables at their local electronic super store.  Of course Sony has never included the cable with the PS3 so I'm guessing Microsoft is just lowering themselves to the competition to save costs.
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