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Kaz Hirai gives some interesting answers about the PlayStation 3

by: John -
Times did an interview with Sony's Kaz Hirai about all things PlayStation and he had a few interesting things to say. Now we know the console was selling at a massive loss when it was launched but through the years manufacturing costs of the machine has come down. Some have estimated that the machine now costs roughly $240 to produce so selling the new slim version at $299 would make it a profit maker right? Well, no as Kaz says they are still taking a loss on each machine even with the savings on manufacturing. No details were given as to how much of a loss but it's surprising to see that they are still not making any money off the sale of the machine today.

Sony also went back to the old style font for the logo rather than the Spider-Man font that was prominent when the machine first launched. Their thinking was they wanted to go into a new direction for the PS3. Kaz wanted the folks to reset their thinking and one of the ways to symbolize this was to go back to the original logo font. Also, going with just the PS3 rather than the entire word makes it bigger on billboards and advertising areas by taking up less space.

Finally, those that want the wand should expect it in the Spring of 2010. They want some good software out at launch to take advantage of the peripheral.