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Does the gaming press hate Sony?

by: John -
Gaming Gear Guide has a quick article along with some examples of the negative press Sony seems to get even with the release of the slim and price drop that everyone wanted. I own all three of the latest consoles and while I didn't like the price of the PlayStation 3, I didn't hate it nor Sony. I understand it's a business and companies do what they can to keep growing and earn some cash. I don't think there's anything wrong with the system and have enjoyed many games on it but there does seem to be a little more negativity surrounding the Sony console than others.

That's not to say there aren't negative things said about the others. Some of our staff dislike the 360 because of the failure rate. Others dislike the Wii because the games aren't that compelling and they think all that's being released on the console that's popular are mini game collections. Either way, Sony just can't seem to win. But, did Sony did this to themselves early on by the way they portrayed themselves as being the leader and thinking they were untouchable?