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CDC finds that adult gaming addicts are out of shape, depressed. Also sky is blue, water is wet

by: Chuck -
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Thank God that the CDC is in business as one of their recent studies has found that video game addicts are a bit heavier and a bit more socially repressed than the rest of the populace.  Who would have thought that a sedentary lifestyle with limited in person communication would lead to people who were out of shape and had problems dealing with people in real life?  I'm glad to see our tax dollars are being spent wisely instead of on stupid things like health care, roads, or other public services.

I realize that gamers are the hot crowd to pick on right now as the industry is still young and growing and I would guess the crack folk at the CDC have probably used the same research team to study people who watch too much TV, read too much, or are otherwise shut ins.  Let's all state the obvious here folks in that gaming should be a part of your life and not your entire life.  It seems like mainstream media (and even our current president) like to use video games as a cultural pariah but it just reeks of ignorance about the situation and a strong reliance on old stereotypes.

Thanks to GamePolitics for the link
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