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Xbox Retail kiosks no longer support memory units

by: Dan -
More On: Xbox 360
I know this is probably a bit old, but is still newsworthy. One of the big pushes from Microsoft when the Xbox 360 first released was the ability to walk up to any demo kiosk in any store and get free content.  You did this by inserting a 64gb memory unit (at the time) into the kiosk and downloading things like demos, videos and gamer pics.

Well, I guess as the rest of the Xbox 360 experience has evolved, so has the way MS plans to communicate with their customer base. Every kiosk has now been (or should have been) updated with the latest software that emulates the New Xbox Experience. Unfortunately, with this update, the kiosk will no longer support the Xbox 360 Memory Unit. So even if that silver slot is still on the facade of the case, you wont be getting any candy out of it.
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