A Telltale Games developer says the iPhone is much more powerful than the Wii

by: John -
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Some people are complaining about framerate issues on Wii version of Monkey Island but a dev has come on the Telltale Forums to set some things straight. Nintendo has limited the WiiWare titles too 40MB so yeah they had to skimp on voices and textures to make that. Compared to the PC version which is at 150+ MB you can see that some quality had to be cut to make that requirement.

Then he goes on to say that while the framerate issue should be sorted out eventually, the Wii is just not powerful and that the iPhone is "much more powerful than a Wii". Kind of funny when you think about it and seeing a developer call out the power of the Nintendo machine is rather humerous. Just think if you own an iPhone you might be carrying a product that can run circles around a console.

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