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Ubisoft CEO tries to explain recent delays

by: Sean Colleli -
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Joystiq tuned into a conference call with Ubisoft pres Yves Guillemot, and the CEO offered some reasons for why their two big holiday games have been pushed back to 2010.  It sounds like polish was the main reason, working out the bugs and making sure every aspect of the games met a quality standard.  That still doesn't make me feel better, and I'm sure Mr. Guillemot's words aren't much solace for a lot of other gamers too.  After going hands on with Red Steel 2 earlier this month the delay is even more painful, and it feels like forever since I played the last Splinter Cell.  After a pretty solid summer I was looking forward to a bountiful holiday, but now Christmas 2009 is looking almost as dry as last year's.