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Funcom leaks first details of next Age of Conan update

by: Chuck -
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With the fifth update to Age of Conan just now in the rear view mirror the folks at Funcom have started to provide guidance on what the next update will include.  Game Director Craig Morrison has written a letter to the community that outlines the improvements for the next update which include a host of gameplay changes as well as a bevy of new guild features.  The biggest of these is a new renown system which is described as such:

"Guild Renown is a system whereby the actions of any individual player count towards their guild’s reputation. Collectively, guild members can level up their guild in three distinct categories to gain access to new guild rewards and bonuses. The system has two primary components, the Renown level, and also Renown rankings which place guilds against each other and measure your successes against those of other guilds on your server."

This sounds like a fairly interesting feature but I can see some drama coming up when one member of the guild decides to go rogue and kill the hard work of other members of the guild EVE Online style. 
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