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Details of Asteroids movie revealed...kind of....still on the express train to FAIL town

by: Chuck -
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IGN has managed to get the scoop on some of the details behind the Asteroids movie.  You all remember Asteroids the game where you jet around a screen and blow giant rocks into teeny-tiny ones?  Well the movie will be based around the following:

"We've crafted a really strong, deep mythology for the thing. Without divulging too much about it, it's two lead characters - two brothers - who have to go through a seminal experience to figure out their relationship, against this huge backdrop."  

Well if that doesn't get you revved up for the movie I'm not sure what will.  Just think if this movie is a success we could see a movie based on Pac-Man (an unflinching look at over eating in America) and Pong (a dark tale of lust and foreboding). 
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