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No joke for the 360

by: John -
More On: Batman: Arkham Asylum
At E3, they had the Joker on the demo of Batman: Arkham Asylum on the PS3. Well what about those that only have the 360? Speaking at a preview event, a Rocksteady employee has confirmed that due to the exclusivity deal with Sony, the Joker won't be appearing on the 360 anytime in the near future. I'm guessing the PC version will be sans Joker as well.

Does this suck? Kind of does. But you know, the console business is pretty competitive and everyone's going to do their best to make these deals to sell the most software on their console. Not like Microsoft hasn't done these sort of deals as well. As far as how long the PS3 has the Joker as an exclusive character, only Rocksteady and Sony knows. I would hope it's not a forever type of deal but I wouldn't br suprised if it is. The good news is that there's going to be DLC for both systems so maybe the feature of playing as the Joker being omitted from the 360 won't be that big of a deal.