Slow as Sunday- Taking a closer look at Gai Kai

by: Nathan -
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OnLive created quit a stir at the 2009 GDC and they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. GaiKai is not a pretender, nor is it a service exactly like OnLive. The concept is the same, streaming video games from a server to a receiving computer, but the way the product is presented is incredibly different. While OnLive is being pushed as an alternative to video game consoles and as the next big thing in video games GaiKai is about advancements in cloud computing and video streaming making everything browser based and not driven by a downloaded client or a box that hooks up to your TV. OnLive will strive for commercial success and it may achieve it but software like GaiKai from Streaming Worlds will no doubt garner more support from the PC community. Of course they could be purchased by a different company like Valve or Google and then their technology locked behind closed doors for years of polishing while OnLive gains customers but then I'm no fortuneteller so who knows what's going to happen with this new direction. One things for sure, cloud gaming is on the horizon. What do you think?