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Listen up, Tekken 6 fans

by: Adam -
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Namco Bandai has announced even more reasons to get the hotly anticipated upcoming fighting game Tekken 6 (as if you needed any mroe reasons) as well as the game's release date.  The first is a Wireless Fight Stick Bundle, which will include the game, an art book, and a HORI wireless fight stick, and will retail for $149.99.  Plus, if you pre-order the game at GameStop you can get exclusive DLC designed by Penny Arcade and a 2009-2010 collectible calendar to help you cross out the days until Tekken 7.  The DLC, entitled the "Samurai Pack" gives Yoshimitsu the ability to wear the outfit of the legendary Carboard Tube Samurai and also includes limited edition Battle Banners so you can customize the 40 fighters in the game.  Tekken 6 hits the PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 27th, and the PSP on a later date.  For more info you can check out the game's website.