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Zoey gets nekkid in new L4D mod

by: Adam -
More On: Left 4 Dead
That's right, you read that correctly; lonely gamers regoice because modder Zaigo has gifted you with some zesty Zoey eye candy. Now you can kick some undead ass whilst staring at Zoey's realistically rendered behind. I will warn you that this is definitely NSFW, so if you want to keep your job/relationship I recommend that you wait to click that little orange link. But who am I kidding, you probably stopped reading this article past the title and went straight for the link already. So assuming you've held off long enough to read this intro, I shall reward you with this drool-worthy link.  I should also warn you that because of this the floodgates have now been opened, meaning it's only a matter of time before we see some rather raunchy Infected character mods, or better yet, some therapy-inducing mods for everyone's favorite war veteran, Bill.