Konami announces that they are going to do MGS announcements

by: John -
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It's been a year since Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has been released so to celebrate, Konami's doing something for each day this week. I guess today is the announcement they are going to make more announcements later on but expect something new each day including news and game updates.  I really need to go back and finish MGS4 and I might do that once I get done with good ole Infamous which is almost finished so expect a review very soon. I don't want what happened with MGS3 where I started playing only to put it down and never get back to it.

Konami to Deliver Exciting News on Hideo Kojima's Beloved Franchise Each Day this Week
El Segundo, Calif. - June 15, 2009 - In celebration of METAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS one year anniversary, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., announced today that they will release exciting METAL GEAR announcements all week long for fans of the popular franchise. Each day this week METAL GEAR fans can expect to receive game updates and other highly anticipated announcements about the best-selling series.

The timing of these announcements to the one-year anniversary is symbolic of the unmatched success that METAL GEAR has had in the industry. The latest chapter in Hideo Kojima's award-winning saga, once again, set new standards as evidenced by its numerous awards including being named Game of the Year, Best PS3 Game, Best Action Game and Best Graphics Technology Game by both GameSpot.com and IGN.com.

The critics were also unanimous in their praise as IGN.com proclaimed, "It was awesome, and simply must be experienced," while GameSpot.com hailed, "METAL GEAR SOLID 4 brought the beloved series to an explosive conclusion, showcasing a chain of remarkable boss fights and unforgettable action in the process."

METAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS is an action-packed visual masterpiece that offered an entertaining cinematic experience that has redefined videogames. The final chapter in the saga of Solid Snake sends him around the world in pursuit of his arch nemesis, Liquid Ocelot. Armed with new gadgets and abilities, Solid Snake must shift the tides of battle into his favor, using the chaos of the battlefield to infiltrate deep into enemy territory. In his globetrotting final mission, Snake must sneak deep into enemy locations in the Middle East, South America, and other corners of the earth to foil Liquid Ocelot's plans for total world domination.

METAL GEAR SOLID 4 GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS, is developed exclusively for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and is included with METAL GEAR ONLINE - the online multi-player player experience based on the METAL GEAR SOLID universe. For more information, please visit: www.konami.com.