Wii-kly Shopping List: Clay Fighter strikes back!

by: Cyril -
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It's Memorial Day up and down the United States, but that isn't going to stop Nintendo from offering up a brand new batch of Virtual Console, WiiWare and DSiWare releases.  This week we have a number of classic franchises that we would like to remember, including one of the best (and only) fighting game parodies and a classic bubble popping platformer that nobody can resist.  We kick things off by talking about this week's Virtual Console release, the often underrated Clay Fighters (Sega Genesis version).  This 2D fighter opted for humor instead of blood and guts, a wise move that helped set it apart from the Mortal Kombats and Street Fighters of the world.  The brilliance of Clay Fighters wasn't that the whole series was a huge parody of the other fighters on the market, but rather that it managed to be funny while also being a lot of fun.  This Genesis version isn't the best version of the game, but you have to start somewhere.  Try it out now for $8 (or 800 Nintendo Points) on the Virtual Console.

Over on the WiiWare channel we have two more classic games, only this time around they are reimagined for this brand new polygonal world.  The first game is Bubble Bobble Plus!, a four player update to one of Taito's most enjoyable 2D platformers.  Not to be outdone, Hudson is also adding Adventure Island: The Beginning to the WiiWare Channel.  This two player action game promises to add even more fun and excitement to the Adventure Island (read: Wonder Boy) formula.  I'm a little skeptical of the new Adventure Island game (not to be confused with New Adventure Island), but I'll save judgment until I actually play the game.  Bubble Bobble Plus! is going for $6 and Adventure Island: The Beginning is $8. 

For whatever reason, the DSiWare channel decided against keeping the retro theme alive.  Instead they brought us something called American Popstar: Road to Celebrity and Photo Clock.  I know I'm down on that new Adventure Island game, but it has nothing on my feelings for American Popstar: Road to Celebrity.  *Cringe*  You can pick up American Popstar for a whopping $8 and Photo Clock for $2.  I'll let you decide if either of these is actually worth their price.

Expect me to voice my opinion and write some poetry about these games in this week's Retro Round-Up, hitting the site this Friday.
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