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News Roundup: Rolling Spore Guerrilla FUEL

by: Randy -
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In GamingNexus news:
  • You're going to have to rethink your strategy in Red Faction: Guerrilla.
  • Final Fantasy: Echoes in Time is full of game-breaking problems.  Could the DS version fair any better?
  • E3 floor plans published.
  • Fallout 3 DLC coming to the PS3, new DLC announced.
  • Halo Wars DLC announced, act surprised.
  • Is this the Zune handheld?
  • Gaming Gibs for 5/19/2009.
  • Multiplayer shown off in new FUEL trailer.
  • A gun Dirty Harry would be jealous of for the Spy.
  • Rolling Stone magazine and 505 Games team up for Rolling Stone: Drum King.
  • Robot Chicken hatches its own Spore Galactic Adventures.
And in other news:
Thanks to Defunct Games, AtomicGamer, MMORPG.com, Legit Reviews, Tech-Reviews, and Tweaknews for today's news roundup.