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April NPD numbers are out

by: John -
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April NPD numbers for hardware is out and not surprisingly, the DS gets a healthy jump in sales. Sales of the rest dropped pretty dramatically from last year's April but that's to be expected. Here are the numbers:

   March April  Comment
PlayStation 2 112,000 172,000 Ha, we increased from last month.
PlayStation 3 218,000 127,000 We're still outselling the Wii in Japan!
PSP 168,000 116,000 I might be getting brother in the Fall!
Xbox 360 330,000 175,000 Just wait til E3.
Wii 601,000 340,000 I'm just taking a break for this month.
Nintendo DS 563,000 1,040,000 Pretty soon, you'll use me as currency.
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