Wii-kly Shopping List: Putting the "Real" in Soccer

by: Cyril -
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Hot on the heels of Star Trek's huge gross at the box office, you might think that Nintendo would upload something Trek related to the Virtual Console.  Well, you would be half right.  While we aren't getting one of the many 8- and 16-bit Star Trek games, we do get an awfully fun 3D shooter called Galaxy Force II.  Based on the massive (in size, not popularity) arcade game, this is the inferior, but still fun port to the Sega Genesis.  It's not quite as exciting as J.J. Abrams' newest action film, but it's better than a port of Star Trek: The 25th Anniversary.

Over on the Nintendo DSi side, we get a Gameloft game called Real Soccer 2009.  From what I could tell from the description and the name, this is the real soccer.  This isn't football trying to pretend to be soccer, this is Real Soccer.  The real artificial will run you $8 and offer a "never-before scene soccer experience," according to the press release.  Apparently there are 198 teams using real players names.  Wait ... 198 teams?  And I thought paying attention to Major League Baseball was taxing.

Both of these releases are available right now, so what are you waiting for?