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Sacred 2 'Might Desktop Wallpaper' contest launched

by: Adam -
More On: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
Sacred fans can now show off their creative talent by entering in the newly launched Sacred 2: Fallen Angel "Mighty Desktop Wallpaper" contest.  Contest entrants must design and submit a Sacred 2-themed desktop wallpaper that will be judged by cdv USA and GameRigs staff.  The winner will be converted to a large poster and given to the winner along with the following prizes:

• One NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX+ video card
• A Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse
• A GameRigs “Sacred 2 BattleMat” gaming mouse pad
Sacred 2 decal set
• A copy of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel for PC or Xbox 360

There will also be 10 “Honorable Mention” prize packs given out, which will include:

• A Sacred 2 “Monster” poster
• A GameRigs “Sacred 2 BattleMat” gaming mouse pad

Interested?  For instructions on how to apply go to the contest's website.