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Variety's Cut Scene thinks Sony will debut new motion controller soon, maybe at E3

by: John -
We've heard many times about a motion controller that's similar to the WiiMote coming to the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. Well Variety's Cut Scene has heard from sources that indeed one is coming from Sony and that it might even be announced at E3. Supposedly, the controller will be used in conjunction with the webcam available for the console to provide a lot more accurate experience. Whether it would be more accurate than say with the MotionPlus adapter installed remains to be seen but I wonder what the cost of it would be if you had to also purchase the webcame (or have them bundle it in) be. If it's announced at E3 along with the proposed PSP 2 announcement, Sony might actually be right when they say they are going to have a big showing at E3 this year..