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News Roundup: Rogue Student Alliance

by: Randy -
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In GamingNexus news:
  • The Mana Khemia Student Alliance never should have formed.
  • Crackdown developers collect a new CEO.
  • Rumor:  New Shadow of the Colossus?
  • Bethesda lands Mickey Rourke for Rogue Warrior.
  • CrimeCraft doesn't pay.  You pay CrimeCraft.
  • Gaming Gibs for 4/27/2009.
  • Rockstar brings the Payne to Xbox Live Originals.
  • Bethesda predicts Wet weather this fall.
  • Of Dice and Men broadcast episode 4.
  • Star Wars novelist to pen two Elder Scrolls novels.
And in other news:
Thanks to Legit Reviews, I4U, Tech-Reviews, Verdis Reviews, and OCModShop for today's news roundup.