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New Saints Row 2 DLC now live!

by: Adam -
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Saints Row 2 is a great game; it took everything GTA did well and did it better by adding more violence and septic tank side missions.  If you're like me and this is your type of game then I suggest checking out the newly available Ultor Exposed DLC tha'ts now available on the XBLM and PSN.  The new content includes new vehicles, multiplayer maps, customization options, a new coop activity, and a completely new mission arc starring the sultry Tera Patrick.  Saints Row 2 already has a myriad of ways to customize your experience, but now there's even more ways to customize your experience with new hairstyles, clothing, and costumes.

The Ultor Exposed DLC is now available for 800 Microsoft Space Bucks, or $9.99 in human dollars.  For more info visit the Saint's Row 2 website.