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EVE Online blog: First level 5 skill training completed

by: Randy -
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Rifter-Boeing ComparisonFeels markedly appropriate -- planets and stars aligning, stonehenges in tune -- that I finish the eighty-eight page New Player Guide from BattleClinic within minutes of completing Instant Recall 5 in game. Queue up Analytical Mind 5 before turning in for the night.

Decidedly, trading and mining are not personally viable career paths. Fell asleep three times slogging through admittedly short tutorial write-ups. I appreciate the power of EVE's economy, but don't feel the Alan Greenspan route is my foot in the door.

Slasher isn't cutting it. Rifter curing that. Averse to piloting the magazine ad poster child for the Minmatar Republic. Get over it as Angel Cartel pilots drop like flies. Broke my heart to dispatch a Thrasher class destroyer. Beautiful boat. Want one presently, but will diligently hold the line in Rifter until frigate skills -- and then destroyer skills -- are up to par.  Need to download the EVEmon character skill-path planner and monitor.  Integrate it into regimen.  Need a ballpark on how long patience will be tried waiting for Destroyer certification. 

Training Learning skills is mentally taxing. But being in this for the long haul implicitely calls for early-game patience. Have to eat my vegetables.