(Last week's) Question of the Week: The ideal gaming setup

by: Randy -
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The server move created a little lag in my ability to post last week's Question of the Week, but it appears as though the dust has settled.  When John starts talking hardware, GDI+ errors, and "mix ups at the DNS entry at the coloc," then I nod my head in a sagely manner and promptly get the heck out of his way.  But anyway:

The ideal gaming setup.  We're not talking consoles and graphics cards or surround speakers and gaming mice.  We're talking about the accoutrement that would surround you on a perfect gaming day:  A six-pack of this, two bags of that, phone only on long enough for pizza delivery.  That kind of ideal gaming setup.  A dream date, quality time, love-in with the perfect game day.  So with that definition in mind:

What, for you, would constitute the ideal gaming setup?

Ben Berry

Chair with built in fridge, or mini fridge next to chair, half filled with beer, the other half Dew or Bawlz.  Chair and TV on patio at an angle the sun doesn't matter, so I can enjoy good weather AND good gaming.  Double Cheeseburger Pizza at the ready.  Fiancee out with the girls :D

Adam Dodd:  My ideal gaming setup is playing a great split-screen multiplayer game (Halo 3, COD4, Left 4 Dead) with my gamer friends and if there's an excess of food and drinks involved then that only makes things better.  (Currently Playing Burn Zombie BurnFlock.)

Charles Husemann:  My ideal setup is the LAN parties that I used to throw.  About 7-10 friends over in my basement playing a wide variety of games.  Everyone is within earshot so it's easy to talk smack and the room is lit only by the soft glow of monitors.  Throw in some pizza, pop, and some beers and it was a near perfect place for gaming.  (Currently playing Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena and Puzzle Quest: Galactrix)

Randy Kalista:  I'd go for a case of those blue-bottled Mana Energy Potions, enough salt and vinegar chips to remove a layer of skin off my tongue, a cooker full of sticky long-grain jasmine rice, and a beef- and bok choy-stuffed crock pot of sinigang.  That last one's pronounced sin-ee-gong and is rather obscure unless you've got a minimum of one Filipino parent.  Plus, before the missus goes off on a no-limit shoe shopping spree on Zappos, it'd be nice if she cropped up a serving of Pavlova for dessert: a balsamic-infused meringue cake with a delicate, crisp crust topped with fresh whipped cream and fruit.  You have no idea.  And toss one of those silly-looking Sumo "Urban Lounge Gear" bean bags into the living room for good measure.  (Currently playing EVE Online: Apocrypha along with the Capsuleer iPhone app for my character's skill monitoring, and Silent Hill: The Escape also on iPhone.)

Matt Mirkovich:  Two tv's, one tuned to something awesome, like Ninja Warrior, and the other for my gaming. Preferably some Chinese food. And either my bed with one of those large chair backs for some lumbar support, or an expensive recliner. If I've got nowhere to be for a weekend, then this is where I'd like to be.  (Currently playing Killzone 2 (THE PS3 IS BACK BABY!), Flower (PS3), Rhythm Heaven (DS) and Street Fighter 4 (360).)

Nathan Murray:  I spend a lot of time with video games in the bathroom. From magazines to gameboys I have finished levels and discovered new wonders sitting on the porcelain throne. My ideal set up? A more accessible outlet next to the toilet and a magazine rack.  (Currently playing Rock Band 2, Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP), Call of Duty 4 and BattleForge (PC).)

Sean Nack:  If I could somehow own and set up a private gaming room in a Hooters, that would be ideal. All the free beer, fried pickles, and buffalo wings I can eat, while I game? Excellent.  (Currently playing Wanted: Weapons of Fate.)

Rachel Steiner:  For me, my ideal setup would be simple. A group of my good friends and/or family (my Mom and Dad have recently started playing a few select games), a pizza, and a fully stocked fridge with soda. I have very simple wishes for gaming and this is one of them. It's to have a group of people around me who have just as much fun playing these games as I do. This past weekend, I actually played a couple of games with a few members of the Protomen and had fun because the passion we all share for video games. That's all I ask for.  (Currently playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Harvest Moon DS and Samba de Amigo.)

John Yan:  My ideal gaming setup would just be a few bottles of sweet tea sitting beside me as I set in my comfortable chair getting ready to log online with a few friends to play. In the background would be a TV showing whatever sports event for that night so as to provide me with some background noise during the quiet times. Lights are dimmed but not out so I can still see some.  (Currently playing Left 4 Dead, Gears of War 2, Team Fortress 2.)