Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars goes and sells....88,704 for March??

by: John -
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You'd think anything with the name Grand Theft Auto would sell a ton these days no matter what system it's on. I mean I would thought you could put Grand Theft Auto Spokane and put it out on the Sega Dreamcast and it would be an instant 1+ million seller in week 1. Well, Grand Theft Auto:Chinatown Wars certainly disapproves my theory as the game only sold 88,704 units in the month of March. Yeah, three weeks into the month and only a handful of DS owners have picked up the game. In the US, there are roughly 34 million Nintendo DS owners. That means 0.25% of the US DS population have the game right now. Ouch. I mean 1% is 330,000 units and most analysts were picking around that range. Between this and the sales of Madworld maybe Nintendo just isn't the company to build hardcore adult titles for exclusively.