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Solomon Grundy coming to DC Universe online

by: Chuck -
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John's going to be happy to know that one of his favorite DC characters is going to be making it into DC Universe Online as SOE announced today that Solomon Grundy will be appearing in the game.  I'm more of a Marvel guy myself but the character looks interesting and he was at the heart of one of my favorite episodes of Justice League America.  Here are a few concept pictures and screenshots of the bizarre zombie plant creature in action.
Solomon Grundy™ is part zombie and part plant, a bizarre, centuries-old half-human life form filled with confused anger. At times he is a rampaging monster, at others a calculating and coldblooded villain.

Solomon Grundy's enhanced strength makes him a threat even to the DC Universe's strongest heroes. As an immortal, massive blows or injuries can't kill or hurt him - afterwards, he simply regenerates to rise again.

Solomon Grundy has been seen skulking in swamps, sewers, and abandoned buildings in both Metropolis and Gotham City. Denizens of these cities beware the low growl of "Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday..."
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