Wii-kly Shopping List: The forgotten Pitfall sequel!

by: Cyril -
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Now that we have three different channels to talk about (Virtual Console, WiiWare and the brand new DSiWare), it's understandable that there would be a lot of product to go through.  Little did I know just how much content Nintendo planned on posting each and every week, no wonder they've scaled back on their weekly retro releases.  Thankfully they haven't completely forgotten about their Virtual Console, which gets the third installment in the Pitfall series.  The game is Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure for the Genesis and it's a slightly updated take on the 1982 original.  The game sports improved graphics and a much larger world to explore.  Of the five Pitfall games, The Mayan Adventure is one of the best.  Like all Genesis games, Pitfall 3 will run you $8.

Over on the WiiWare we have something called Party Fun Pirate ($5).  I'm not sure how much lead time Nintendo needs when it comes up uploading WiiWare games, but it seems a little odd that Nintendo would upload a game about pirates on the same week that Capt. Richard Phillips was being held by pirates off the Somali coast.  Now granted, these "Party Fun" pirates don't sound like the kids that boarded the ship and took hostages, but it does seem in bad taste to run with a game about pirates (however innocent) right after going through such an ordeal.  Would we expect Aerobiz the day after a giant airplane crash?  I certainly hope not.  Regardless, this game promises "real laughs," so maybe I'm making too much of the game's poor timing.

And last but not least is a pair of DSiWare titles.  Up first we have Mixed Messages, a "hilarious" party game that is all about mixed-up communications.  We also get another entry in the Master of Illusion Express series.  This time around it's Master of Illusion Express: Shuffle Games, which will no doubt teach you how to do something cool.  The magic game will run you $2, while the Mixed Messages will set you back a full $5.  As usual you can expect to read more about these four releases this Friday with the Retro Round-Up.