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Gaming Gibs for 4/8/2009

by: Chuck -
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Here are a few things I missed while being glad that someone is finally doing something about hockey players in bad TV ads:
  • Wii remote weights make Wii slightly healthier/dorkier
  • Entire Beatle catalog to be re-mastered/re-released in conjunction with Rock Band:Beatles, Heather Mills probably not going to be buying a copy
  • Gore Vivinksi passes on fourth Pirates movie to do Bioshock movie
  • PETA struggling with the whole virtual life thing
  • A restrospective of controversial posts
  • Nintendo bringing Cammie back for the Nintendo press conference, guaranteeing I won't go this year
  • EA provides some more design information on Fight Night Round 4
  • Greg Bear to author Halo novels, provide more information on why they can't expand the universe
  • Three companies in the running to buy Midway
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