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New Sacred 2 patch adds PhysX

by: John -
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There's a new patch out for Sacred 2 that adds PhysX support and a few other things. For PhysX, you'll need a GeForce 88XXGTX card and up to get it running, sorry AMD folks. I'm actually doing an article on PhysX with Sacred 2 and Mirror's Edge so look for that soon. Anyways, the patch also adds pause functionality for single player mode, direct control of minions, achievements, inventory screen changes, three new mini bosses, and more. PhysX comes into play for two combat arts for each hero with some cool particle effects. You can grab the 2.40 patch here.
Sacred 2 (PC) Patch 2.40 Released
nVidia PhysX and other new features added to enhance the gameplay experience

Cary, NC, April 6, 2009 - cdv Software Entertainment USA and Ascaron Entertainment today announced a new patch for the retail version of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel for PC. The new patch updates the retail version of Sacred 2 to version 2.40 and adds a slew of new features, including nVidia(r) PhysX(tm) support, new mini-bosses and a new achievement system.

The patch, along with a detailed "readme" file, is available at www.sacred2.com, and includes the following content updates and fixes -

* nVidia PhysX technology implemented for two combat arts of each respective hero
o Direct impact on immediate environment
o Particle effects
o Variable wind speeds
* Pause functionality for single player mode
* Direct control of minionsNew achievement system (available in logbook)
* Inventory screen changes:
o Equipped items now have a new layout which is individual for each character
* Three new mini bosses. All mini bosses now have their own quests.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a hack-and-slash action-RPG with a rich story that takes place in a gigantic seamless world. This world contains massive dungeons, treacherous opponents and hundreds of challenging quests. Intelligent enemies, which adapt in number and difficulty based on player progress, challenge gamers in heroic single- and multiplayer battles.