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News Roundup: 'Splosion Zombie 'Splosion

by: Randy -
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In GamingNexus news:
  • Sean explains the subtle brilliance of Rainbow's Deadly Creatures.
  • Don't miss the Nintendo DSi's debut this week on our weekly guide to the new games rated by the ESRB.
  • Release date set for Madden NFL 10.
  • The Ostrich Hammer in Red Faction Guerrilla.
  • Oblivion DLC now half off, horse armor now twice as expensive.
  • Gaming Gibs for 4/1/2009:  A few things Chuck missed while mulling over the alternate Battlestar Galactica endings.
  • Twisted Pixel plans on blowing up indie scene with 'Splosion Man.  (Still not sure if this is real or not.)
  • GamingNexus EIC didn't realize new The Witcher mobile game is an April Fool's joke.  We're pretty sure.
And in other news:
Thanks to Defunct Games, OCModShop, AtomicGamer, Legit Reviews, The Hachiko, TechwareLabs, and iXBT for today's news roundup.