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Saints Row gets 3 DLC, first one has NPC Tera

by: John -
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Eurogamer has an interview James Torbit of Volition as they announced three new DLC items will be available for Saints  Row 2. The first one up is called Ultor Exposed and will a host of new items besides a new mission arc. More weapons, new air and ground vehicles, four new multiplayer maps, and a new Co-op mode highlight this 800 point DLC. Remember when there as a big hoopla over Tera Patrick promoting the game? Well, Ultor will give you Tera as an NPC as she rides shotgun with you in her unique car. What's funny is that Armchair Empire had the scoop on this from Tera herself last October.

I enjoyed Saints Row 2 a lot more than I expected. I never did play the first one but found 2 to be pretty fun. It's not like a serious sandbox type game like Grand Theft Auto IV but playing with others in co-op mode is a blast. I'm happy to see some more content coming out for the game and it sounds like you might get a lot for $5.