Wii-kly Shopping List: Get KO's with Super Punch-Out!!

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Do you remember last week when there were so many different Virtual Console games that I had to post TWO different news posts just to cover them all?  Do you remember how my Retro Round-Up ended up being extra long because I had to talk about six classic games?  Do you remember all of that?  Well, put it out of your head, because this week we are back to getting one retro release at a time.  Just in time to whet our appetite, Nintendo has unleashed Super Punch-Out!!, the Super NES "sequel" released 15 years ago.  This game, much like the other games in the series, revolves around a puny pugilist and his attempt to become the best in the world.  To do this he has to beat up a number of over-the-top characters (all of which have silly patterns for you to memorize).  If you're excited about the upcoming Wii Punch-Out!! game, then you owe it to yourself to pick up this genuine classic.  Super Punch-Out!!, like most of the Super NES games, comes in at the standard 800 points ($8) price point.

And now for something completely different!  On the WiiWare side we have Bonsai Barber, a wacky "hair" cutting game.  And when I say hair, I actually mean tree and leave cutting.  You see, something weird is happening to the townspeople.  Not only are they a little too excited about getting their hair cut, but everybody seems to have foliage popping out of their noggins.  No really.  This is a game where you use the Wii motion control to give each townsperson a unique haircut ... even if what they have on their head is not really hair in the strictest sense.  Do you have what it takes to keep up with all of these haircuts?  Find out now when you pay $10 for the privilege to cut other people's hair.  All this can be yours when you plop down $10 (1000 points).

As usual I will return on Friday to discuss Super Punch-Out!! and whatever Xbox Live Arcade game is announced in my weekly Retro Round-Up!

Virtual Console:
  • Super Punch-Out!! (Nintendo/$8)
  • Bonsai Barber (Zoonami/$10)
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