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Sony charging developers bandwidth for their DLC

by: John -
More On: Playstation Network
So, what's a great way to piss off developers and make it so they don't want to put DLC on your system? Why charge them for the bandwidth used to download their products of course. MTV's Multiplayer blog has news on Sony  that since October 1, 2008 they started charging companies 16 cents for each Gigabyte of the product that's been downloaded. This applies to both free and paid DLC but the charges are dropped after 60 days for free content. Yikes, talk about nickle and diming gaming companies. Is Sony doing this because the online service is free and they need a way to recoup some of the costs back? I know times are tough now but it seems like bad form to implement this now. I wouldn't be surprised if we started seeing DLC only available for the 360 or Wii and not show up on the PS3. This does have the potential for stunting the growth of the PlayStation Store if companies start getting these surprising bills come to them based on the popularity of their DLC.
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