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News Roundup: Wanted Babes vs. Halo Boys

by: Randy -
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In GamingNexus news:
  • Multi-core folks will get a boost in Team Fortress 2 with new patch.
  • Cool creatures at your command in Battleforge.
  • Midnight Club: Los Angeles expansion definitely, maybe, hopefully, probably coming out today.
  • Sky Babes vs. Fly Boys: fueling ambition and exploring trade.
  • E3 2009 -- It's time to manage expectations.
  • Halo Wars sells one million copies.  [Insert Dr. Evil pinky-to-corner-of-lip pic here.]
  • Warner provides info on Wanted interactive action sequences.
  • Harmony set to give PS3 owners ability to control the console?
  • NVIDIA tossing PhysX onto PlayStation 3 and Wii in appropriate ragdoll fashion.
  • Wolfenstein site launch and game trailers reveal all.
  • Global Gaming World at War Map Pack 1 Team Tournament.
  • The Conduit turns D.C. into Area 51.
  • World at War:  Knee Deep in Nightfire at my Zombie Asylum Station.
And in other news:
  • EGM's December '03 issue ate up the rumor that the PSP would play games on the PS3.  Defunct Games is all, WTF?
  • The ASUS Eee Top is "an innovative," low power touch screen computer.
  • The OCModShop has assembled a walkthrough for the "first-person shooter," Fallout 3.
Thanks to Defunct Games, Legit Reviews and OCModShop for today's news roundup.