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News Roundup: Deadly BioGoo

by: Randy -
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In GamingNexus news:
  • Is blue better than red for mouse lasers?
  • Peggle finally hits the Xbox 360.
  • The Secret World whispered about at GDC this year.
  • Samsung shows off the power of a 24-drive SSD array.
  • Valve gets Steam punk'd by Stardock.
  • Bullet time + curved bullets = win.
  • Dawn of War II patch.
  • Big Sister coming to you from BioShock 2.
  • Insomniac stays up late making a PS3 exclusive.
  • Former Radical president now a Hothead.
  • Class of Heroes screens notably missing some class.
  • Gametrailers teams up with World of Goo for a contest of gooey proportions.
  • ZeniMax hires top marketing and customer service vets for upcoming MMO.
  • Tomb Raider: Underworld comes out from under Lara's Shadow.
And in other news:
Thanks to Defunct Games, OCModShop, TheTechLounge, VerdisReviews, Revision3, AtomicGamer, Legit Reviews and iXBT for today's news roundup.