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Target XBLA: Peggle finally hits the Xbox 360!

by: Cyril -
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Let's face it, last week's Watchmen Xbox Live Arcade release was a bust.  Not only was it too expensive ($20?  Really?), but there simply wasn't enough content to warrant the price tag.  To make up for this Microsoft has decided to release not one, but two XBLA games this week.  Tomorrow will see the long-awaited release of Peggle, the puzzler that was all the rage a year ago on the PC.  This new XBLA version will support a bevy of multiplayer modes, including two-player duel and a four-player Peg Party Mode.  As somebody who hasn't been bitten by the Peggle bug, I definitely look forward to checking this XBLA version out.

If universally praised puzzle games aren't your thing, then maybe you will be interested in Crystal Defenders, the very first Square Enix game on the Xbox Live Arcade (unless you count Exit 2, which was developed by Taito and published by Square Enix).  Wii owners will know this game under a different title, Crystal Guardians.  This tower defense game takes place soon after the events of Final Fantasy Tactics A-2, and will feature units from Square Enix's popular tactical RPG series.  Both Crystal Defenders and Peggle will retail for 800 Microsoft Points (or $10).