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News Roundup: Godfather Ghostbusters Conduit

by: Randy -
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In GamingNexus news:
And in other news:
  • Video Game Advice from the likes of Edward Carnby, Agent 47 and Bowser.
  • The Watchmen movie review from OCModShop.  [Not a game review, but we're making an exception. - Ed.]
  • It's massive:  XTracPads Ripper XXL Mouse Pad.
  • The latest Gigabyte motherboard has extensive support for overclocking.
  • ActionTrip feels what it's like to be a Demigod.
  • Does the ASUS Axe Square CPU Cooler keep up with the massively evolving computing industry?
  • OCZ's prices on the year-old 2GB Diesel USB 2.0 flash drives are plummeting.
Thanks to Defunct Games, OCModShop, VerdisReviews, Legit Reviews, ActionTrip and Tech-Reviews.co.uk for today's news roundup.