Wii-kly Shopping List: Alex Kidd and Gradius

by: Cyril -
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This week Nintendo is uploading two games to their download services, one that is an Alex Kidd game and another that is a Gradius game.  Can you guess which one belongs in the WiiWare channel?  You might as well sit down Alex Kidd fans, because there's no way Sega is going to release a new installment of that franchise without telling anybody.  Instead we get a game called Gradius ReBirth.  This $10 shooter is a remix of some of the most beloved Gradius stages, complete with redesigned boss battles.  While the game certainly looks good, Gradius ReBirth has a lot to live up to.  Let's hope developers M2 was up to the task.

Also out this week is Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars for the Virtual Console.  Once an arcade game, this Sega Master System port is the follow up to Alex Kidd in Miracle World.  Platform fans will get a kick out of this game, but beware, this 21 year old game features more than a few antiquated gameplay cliches (including one where you have to play through each level more than once).  Check back on Friday to see what I think of Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars when I review that and many more games in my weekly Retro Round-Up column.  Until then hit the jump and check out videos of both of these recently uploaded Wii games.

  • Gradius ReBirth (Konami/1000 Points)
Virtual Console:
  • Alex Kidd: The Lost Stars (Sega/Master System/500 Points)