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EA hopes Sony figures it out for the PS3

by: John -
Our own Chuck Husemann isn't the only one wishing that the PS3 succeeds more. Really, you should ask him how he feels about the PS3 and other systems. It's a way different answer you would have gotten eight months ago. Kind of scary really. :) In all seriousness, EA is hoping Sony turns it around as well. The PS2 was such a successful machine and a great partner for them that EA is one company that wants them to turn it around.

I own all three current systems and I play the 360 more by far. I do like the hardware of the PlayStation 3 better though as I think it's a more solid machine and it is different. I don't like the interface as much though as the 360 and I find the fact that many developers harp on the difficulty developing on the PlayStation 3 a little disappointing. As a programmer, nothing' s more frustrating than seeing something work on one machine and then not another. Development processes and tools should not hinder you and that seems to be the reputation the PS3 has.