PC Street Fighter IV coming in the summer

by: John -
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Cyril and I had a discussion about why I would rather have Street Fighter IV on the PC over the 360 or PS3. Well, for me I have the computer and the setup with the X-Arcade TankStick to have a really cool arcade style feel with my computer hooked up to my big screen TV. I know it's not for everyone but there are still a good amount of us PC folks out there and we do enjoy arcade games or two as well on the system. Anyways, Video Gamer has confirmed with Capcom that Street Fighter IV will be coming to the PC in the summer but that's not all. Capcom is looking to do some bundling of the game with pads from Mad Catz which would be really cool. Now, I'd like to see the sticks of course but to get some good game pads would be good as well.