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News Roundup: They Might Be Galactrix

by: Randy -
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In GamingNexus news:
  • Marcus Savino, everyone, producer behind Puzzle Quest: Galactrix.
  • The games kids play on their Samsung TVs nowadays.
  • Mike Hickey is no Michael Pachter.  Er, whatever.
  • John channels They Might Be Giants while talking AMD.
  • Nintendo asks government to bail them out of piracy woes.
  • Microsoft:  Gay community needs to stay in the closet.
And in other news:
  • Vizo (not Vizio) has a slightly different product from the PC cooling world.
  • Atrio earbuds will makes those iPhone lows a little clearer.
  • Super Talent crams 16GB of storage in a 'mind-bogglingly' small package.
  • Sub-$100 can get awful sketchy, performance-wise. How'd one of the latest Sapphire Radeon do?
Thanks to VerdisReviews, TheTechLounge, TechwareLabs, LegitReviews and Techgage for today's news roundup.