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Microsoft does nothing to help out lesbian Xbox 360 gamer

by: John -
More On: Xbox Live
I don't have any issues with people's sexual orientation. As far as I'm concerned people can be with whoever they want. It's not my right to tell them who or who they can't see. But it's really sad to see Microsoft not helping out this gamer who didn't do anything other than say she's a lesbian in her profile. Microsoft said that people found her orientation offensive and her account was suspended. Um, has Microsoft listened to the majority of the folks who play on Xbox Live? First of all, being lesbian or gay isn't offensive and really there's much more offensive items from the mouths of 12 year old kids on the service. Once again, another example of why I stick to more online gaming on the computer with strangers rather than the 360. Sure, there are idiots on the PC side of things but I've encountered far less on that platform and I've heard many times people telling others who cuss to watch the language and see those that try to say anything offensive be kicked off the server quickly.