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Get lost again as Lost Planet 2 is announced

by: John -
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Xbox Live today unveiled the next new Capcom game in the works as the trailer for Lost Planet 2 was put up today for all Xbox 360 owners to see. The trailer consists of mostly gameplay footage and you can see that the game now takes place in a different environment on the same planet. It seems the snow is melting so most of the footage showed a jungle setting which is really different from the first game. Taking a page from Call of Duty 4, the story will be viewed through various people in different groups instead of one main central character. Add that to what looks like a co-op component and you might have a nice sequel coming that can surpass the original. I didn't play much of the first one but I'm a sucker for any co-op game so I might pick this one up. So if you want to check it out, fire up the 360 and it should be the first item on your dashboard for today.